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Girl with Dogs

Dog Boarding & Day Care

Love, Care and Attention

Dog Boarding - $19 per day

Additional Dogs In Same Kennel - $17 per day

**Checkouts before 10 am are not charged for day of checkout.

Doggie Day Care

Full Day - $16

Half Day - $10


Sleeping Kitten

Cat Boarding

A safe place away from the pups for your cat to purr, play and enjoy the view!

Cat Boarding - $12 per day

Additional Cat(s) In Same Condo - $10 per day

**Checkouts before 10 am are not charged for day of checkout

Dog Grooming


Pick them up happy and clean!

Baths: $15 

**Long or matted fur add $5

Bath and Brush: 

Short Hair: $20

Long Hair: $30

**Please notify us of any allergies at check-in!


Small Pet Boarding

We love all pets!

We not only love our furry friends but also other small pets and feathered friends! We have a separate room available to accommodate bird boarding including various sizes of cages and availability for other small pet boarding.

Small Pets - $10 per day 

**Checkouts before 10 am are not charged for day of checkout

Additional Services and Suggestions

We want your pets to feel right at home!

Kennel Food

We have kennel food available for both dogs and cats boarding with us but we highly recommend bringing your pets own food. Switching to a different food than your pet is used to can cause them to have digestive issues, which trust me, no one wants!


We can accommodate special diets and diets that need to be refrigerated. 

Kennel food provided by Stoney Hill Pet Resort is an additional $2 per day per pet. 

***Please let us know if your pet has any food sensitivities or allergies at check-in!

dog food
Sleeping Dogs


We recommend bringing along your pets bedding to help them feel more at home. Some of our clients bring in clothing and other materials that have their scent on them to help their furry family members feel like they never left. We are committed to making your pet as comfortable as possible and value your suggestions when it comes to ensuring your pets comfort. 

We provide cots to all dogs and have limited bedding available for all pets. 

Treats & Toys

Bring your pets favorite treats and toys! We love to play with your pets and use positive reinforcement...and lets be honest, just plain spoil them! Let us know what your pets like most, whether it be anything from playing fetch to staying in and cuddling! We will record all of your pets belongings at check-in and make sure that we don't forget them when you check-out.

***Please do not bring any toys or treats that your pet cannot have unsupervised!

Tug of War


Responsible and Reliable


Dog Boarding/Doggie Day Care

Cat Boarding

Up to date vaccination records from your veterinarian! For your pup to stay with us we require the following vaccinations:


Distemper, Parvo, Rabies, Bordatella - (Kennel Cough)

***We do not require Canine Influenza however we highly recommend it along with Parasite and Heartworm prevention

***We also STRONGLY recommend getting vaccinations updated at least two weeks prior to boarding if they are expired. Some vaccinations (especially types of kennel cough vaccinations) can take up to two weeks to become effective!

Small Animal Boarding

Up to date vaccination records from your veterinarian! For your feline family member to stay with us we require the following vaccinations: 

FVRCP and Rabies

Please call for more information regarding small animal boarding requirements.

Medications & Supplements 

***All medications must be in a labeled bottle from your veterinarian. 

***All supplements must be in original packaging from manufacturer with detailed instructions.

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